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VG Partners is a merchant bank owned and operated by the founding partners of VenGrowth Asset Management Inc. From 1982 to 2011, VenGrowth was a leading premier Canadian private equity firm. In 2011, VenGrowth sold its funds to Covington Capital. Over VenGrowth’s 29-year history, VenGrowth invested $1.3 billion in more than 200 Canadian companies. VenGrowth was a lead investor in many of Canada’s success stories including Lakeport Brewing, Party Packagers, Bridgewater, GeoTrain, SiGe Systems, Q9 Networks, Sandvine, InSystems, Tundra, Lavalife, Pixstream and Changepoint. VenGrowth investors included retail individuals, as well as leading institutional investors including all five of Canada’s largest banks.

VG Partners is seeking to acquire a number of operating businesses as principal. A business owner can take comfort in our reputation for integrity, and our vast experience in structuring transactions, due diligence, and adding value to growing businesses.

At VG Partners, its more than just money. An owner benefits from our years of experience, and our vast network. At VG Partners, we can provide value in all aspects of a company, whether it be finance, investment banking, sales and marketing, operations, acquisitions or strategic planning.

At VG Partners, we’re entrepreneurs like you. We understand how important your business is. We also understand the demands on running a business like yours. With VG Partners you can be assured of confidentiality and discretion. We also strive to evaluate each opportunity quickly, with initial feedback provided after the first meeting.



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